Shaylin Wallace

Hey my fellow creatives. Welcome to Creative Mafia!

Creative Mafia is a dope, vintage-styled apparel brand created by Shaylin Wallace, CEO of SMW Visuals. 

This idea dawned upon me in the Fall of 2019. My love for vintage clothing and designs, especially vintage jackets, jean jackets, and t-shirts inspired me a lot. One day, I had this idea that I wanted to create my own design my for clothing, such as graphic tees. At first my main focus was to design my own embroidered jean jacket, but after some research, I felt as if I had hit a brick wall. Then, I wanted to design my own t-shirts that fit my style and well, I got into my own head and decided that it was not going to happen either.

In March 2020, I decided to get out of my head and started designing some designs for t-shirts for fun in my sketchbook and on my computer. I wasn't sure how far this idea would go but all these unique ideas for designs kept popping into my head. Originally, the name of my brand was "Effortless" since the designs I created came to me with ease. One day, while I was just chillin', creating per usual, the phrase "creative mafia" just came to me and that's when I knew, that was going to be the name of my brand. Right after that, I  designed the sketch of my logo. I knew I wanted it to look eye-catching and to resemble my own personal style. Once I designed the final version of the logo in photoshop, I began to play around with different fonts and styles and realized that this logo is not just an ordinary logo. Just like the MTV logo, Creative Mafia is going to be a creative logo that will be changed often. By using different styles and fonts, I will showcase the logo in many ways on my apparel! The original design will always be the main logo, but I have been working these past few months on many dope designs for Creative Mafia. 

As a creative, I believe that we are not just talented at one medium, but rather many different mediums at once. From painting, to photography, to sculpting, to writing, to furniture design, to singing, to producing music––no matter what you do creatively, you are a part of CREATIVE MAFIA. Join the gang! Support creatives, locally and internationally. We are all here to showcase our creative gifts to the world. It is our divine purpose to be who we are in this lifetime without any limitations. Whatever you do, find time to create for yourself. Don't loose sight of your passion. Follow your heart. Do what you love and love what you do. 

Welcome to Creative Mafia my friend.

P.S. Stay Extra[ordinary].

- Shay <3

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